Organic spirits produced sustainably help out local farmers and protect our environment. And the concentrated organic grain flavors produce a remarkable tasting spirit. TOPO is committed to expanding market opportunities for organic farmers by creating spirits you love to drink. With billions of dollars in spirits consumed annually, advancing sustainable and non-GMO practices in the liquor industry means we really can make a difference in the future of agricultural products. 


Seven years ago, Ernest Winslow came to us with 75 acres of 100% organic soft red winter wheat from J.H. Winslow Farms in Scotland Neck, NC. He thought it would make a perfect ingredient in our award-winning wheat beers at Top of the Hill Brewery. Instead, Top of the Hill founder and proprietor Scott Maitland realized he could distill a world-class spirit from Ernest's grain. We could be a truly local distillery with all the ingredients sourced right here in our home state; and by advancing what Ernest had started with his organic grain, we could push the art of distilling by focusing on sustainable practices and organic production techniques. Thus, TOPO Organic Spirits was born--the first and only fully local and USDA certified organic distillery in the deep South.

We named our spirits TOPO in honor of our nearly 20 year old hospitality brand, Top of the Hill. The TOPO nickname for our restaurant and brewery was given to us by our customers. We are honored to be part of the local culture in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Top-quality ingredients deserve special care. TOPO is the only Green+ Certified distillery in the country, meaning we take great measures to ensure our building, equipment and products are environmentally sustainable. We’ve reduced our water usage by 70% through the use of a closed loop system, wherein our heat exchanger and cooling tanks reuse the water during the cooking process. Each of our bottles are washed, filled and labeled by hand and our bottles are shipped in 100% recycled packaging.

By the time our spirits have evolved from grain to glass, you can taste the difference. From heat to heart, the award winning aromas and flavors are always there.