Susan, here's to you. We've done a lot of shakin' and stirrin' in pursuit of the right custom recipe. And, oh yeah, we had to sample a bit to make sure it was perfect--tough work, but someone's gotta do it, right? Now, here it is. Grab your bottle of TOPO, mix and savor. We really hope you enjoy it.



You're drinking the hands-down best. This month alone TOPO Piedmont Gin won double gold at the International "Fifty Best Gins" competition, and took the Gold at the Beverage Tasting Institute Awards. And last year it brought the house down at the International SIP Awards. Gold again. The experts who know gin say this is great stuff. In fact, in our tasting room, many visitors who say they don't care for gin walk away lovin' it. We just call it Gin-tastic. 

You always can find more TOPO Gin Recipes on our regular recipe page. 

Entry taste flashes a note of cucumber, along with a deft touch of citrus oil and orange zest; midpalate is pleasantly fruity, oily and herbal. Looking for London Dry? Pass on this because it lives in a parallel universe. Hankering for a new twist on gin? Go for it. Me like.
— F. Paul Pacult, Spirits Journal, Four Stars, Highly Recommended
Clear. Aromas of citrus marmalade, eggnog, spice muffin, and floral juniper with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a medley of fruits, dusty spices, and delicate herbs on the long finish. A delightfully flavorful and well balanced gin for all applications.
— Beverage Tasting Institute – International Review of Spirits: Gold Medal, 91 Points (Exceptional)