Available at ABC stores everywhere starting next week!  

Available at ABC stores everywhere starting next week!



For TOPO Organic Piedmont Gin

F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal: Four Stars, Highly Recommended

Cocktail Enthusiast:
"TOPO Piedmont Gin is really interesting on the nose. The juniper is there, but itís subtle. More prominent are some soft, sweet vanilla aromas, plus some fruit, cardamom and a bit of mint. Drink up and you'll get more cardamom, some cucumber and plenty of citrus...This is an easy-drinking gin. Especially at 92 proof...And one thing we like the best: its base spirit, that soft winter wheat, is never overpowered. The sweetness of the wheat shines through to mingle with the botanicals."

For TOPO Organic Carolina Moonshine Whiskey

Tasting Panel Magazine:
"Fudge and clay soothe on the first whiff, evolving to an earthy vanilla bean note. A clean, pure sensation is buoyed by the lightweight texture and peppered fudge in the mouth. The taste lingers, a generous spread of its wonderfully sweet character."

Publishers Pick, 92 points


For TOPO Organic Vodka

F. Paul Pacult's
Spirits Journal: Five Stars, Highest Recommendation

"Clear as rainwater. I favorably respond to the toasty, grainy smell of wheat snack crackers that greets you after the pour... Entry is sturdy, moderately viscous, cereal dry yet with a beany bittersweet aspect thatís very charming; mid palate is long, significantly sweeter than the entry, creamy in texture and vanilla-like. It is rare that I come across an unflavored grain-based vodka with as much layering, depth of flavor, character and ribbony texture. Tasty enough to quaff neat and slightly chilled."